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A reel new club

LPHS students are hooked on fishing.

LaPorte High School has recently started a fishing club for students who enjoy fishing whether they have been doing it their whole life or are just starting out.

Club officers include Braiden Arnett, president and founder; Justin Dusza, vice president; Chris Cook, treasurer; and Thomas Levendowski, secretary.

“I’ve been big into fishing my whole life, and I wanted to get more kids at school involved with it. I see other schools have started one, so I figured why not do it and get something going,” Arnett said.  

Fishing Club meets every other Tuesday before school in Mr. Lawson’s room, 1.36. The meetings start at 7 a.m. The club’s first meeting had around 25 people, and the most recent meeting had a few more.

Fishing may come easy to some who have years of practice, but this club is also open to those who enjoy fishing even if they are not as skilled. A person can always improve their technique by the help of fishermen around them.

LaPorte is located in such short distances  to rivers, creeks, small lakes, and Lake Michigan, a person does not have to look far to find a place to go fishing. It is the perfect place to live for people who love to fish.

“[ I love] to just listen to the peace and quiet of nature, and when you finally catch a fish, the adrenaline rush of bringing in that fish,” Levendowski said.

The Fishing Club is just starting out but will already be competing in a fishing tournament amongst the club members. They will be competing at a Steelhead tournament in Trail Creek on December 9th.

“There are so many kids who like to fish. It’s a good place for kids to meet other kids who will be lifelong friends. Plus, to me, it is important that a lot of these kids learn some outdoor stuff and hopefully they can pass it down to their children. A lot of kids don’t spend time outside anymore,” Mr. Lawson, sponsor of Fishing Club and Building Trades teacher, said.

For people who enjoy fishing, this club is a great opportunity to meet people who share the same interest. The next meeting is on December 5th. At this meeting the club will set rules and guidelines for the upcoming tournament.


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