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Beres shines as a beacon of light for LPCSC

Beres shines as a beacon of light for LPCSC


Some LPHS students may be familiar with the math teacher, Mr. Beres, but they may not know his wife, Mrs. Beres. For the past 10 years, she has served as a Educational Diagnostician [ED] at three elementary schools, both middle schools, and LPHS. She served as a teacher in the LPCSC for 10 years prior to that.

An ED position is not exactly concrete; Beres tends to do a number of things, whether it is leading a yoga class, testing students for special education needs, or creating learning plans for kids to help make school better for them.

One of her favorite aspects of her job is leading the Laughter Yoga Club at Boston Middle School. What started out as a small idea quickly became a peaceful meeting between over 140 students. Although 20-30 participate each month, that is still a large chunk.

Beres also loves the Mindful Movement group that she leads at Kesling Middle School. There are times that they allow her to teach yoga there as well.

Her job may not be as common as most, which is why she became an elementary school teacher first. It was not until she was exposed to Special Education that she realized that was her calling.

“I never planned being where I am today. I was a first grade teacher for ten years, and at one time, that was all I wanted. I saw so many kids with so many challenges that I couldn’t meet in the classroom, so I went back to get my Masters Degree in Special Education. I still wanted to know more about what makes each kid ‘tick.’ I was better able to help kids, but I needed to know the ‘why’ part to better understand how to help them achieve more. That’s what led me to my position today. I enjoy being able to share resources and strategies with students and teachers to make the learning process easier and more enjoyable,” Beres said.

Nevertheless, once she was qualified to be an ED, her job became a roller coaster in the best way.

“I love that I spent more than 30 years in the field of education. It’s been my passion. If it’s yours, follow it; but the second it’s not, leave,” Beres said.

The job does not end when her students stop receiving education. She is constantly reminded just how much she has impacted those that she has taught doing everyday things like grocery shopping or getting a haircut.

“The highlights of my career are when my students in the past have come back to me as older students or young adults, and I get to see the wonderful humans they’ve become. When they thank me for being an inspiration or for being one of their favorite elementary school teachers, it’s pretty gratifying,” Beres said.

Beres plans to collaborate with positive people in her future. She aims to lead and inspire others to make her learning environment pleasant for everyone. Beres will continue to share her social-emotional learning experiences, whether it be through a yoga class, the Mindfulness Movement, or just through daily conversation. All staff and students who she affects are proud of the advancements she has made, and appreciate all of the hard work she does for them.

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