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Adding more excitement to basketball games

Adding more excitement to basketball games

Many people hear the music that pumps up the crowd during basketball games but never stop to think about the hard work that goes into being in the LPHS Pep Band.

School spirit is very important when it comes to basketball games. The crowd is riled up from the Pep Band and, in return, makes the basketball players feel like the whole team has their back.

“We’ve got the best Pep Band in the conference. We really do. When other schools come here the coaches are envious of our pep band. Pep band brings a big home field advantage. That home field advantage is at least five points a game. They bring a great crowd and great energy. We are the envy of the DAC when our pep band is playing.” Mr. Walker, Girls basketball coach, said.

The Pep Band plays the most popular and fun songs thanks to the people in the band. They buy one to two new pieces a year, and the band votes on what music to purchase. The new song this year is the Chicken Dance and many fans can be found flapping their arms to the music.

“I like being apart of the game and being the cheerleaders for everyone there,” Samantha Shei, Pep Band mellophone player and sophomore, said.

The Pep Band has to work extremely hard to master their music on time for each game. They were shown this year’s music on November 15th and had two rehearsals to prepare for the season. An hour before each game, the musicians practice new and old music for that night. In order to be in Pep Band, the student has to also be in the music program, but do not have to be in band.

Last week at the LaPorte vs. Valparaiso game, the group, consisting of about 80 musicians, was even larger due to having the Boston Middle School eighth grade band perform with them. This was the middle schoolers first time performing at a basketball game. Kesling Middle School eighth grade will also be playing with Pep Band in a few weeks. Hopefully, this will get the students interested in joining Pep Band when they are freshman.

“They [BMS eighth grade band] did great! They had worked on Crazy Train, and I think they contributed a lot. They were sight reading the rest of the music. I thought they did well fighting through the new stuff,” Mr. Sullivan, band director, said.  

When people think of basketball games, they picture shooting baskets and screaming fans. Without Pep Band, basketball would not be as enjoyable and would have a less interesting and pepped up crowd. Thanks to Pep Band, every basketball game at LPHS is an exciting one.

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