LaPorte elementary schools named “A” schools


Crichfield, Indian Trail, and Kingsford Heights Elementary schools were recently named “A”  schools for the 2016-2017 school year.

   While this is not the first year that they each have earned this title, the community is excited to see these schools continue to keep this title.

  “Having three “A” schools validates the teaching and learning that takes place throughout the LaPorte Community School Corporation. Crichfield, Indian Trail, and Kingsford Heights are very different schools. It is a credit to all the students and staff in these three schools to meet the needs of all their students,” Mr. Manering, Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education, said.

    An elementary school’s “grade” is dependent on three key factors: growth, performance and improvement, and participation.

    After the Indiana Department of Education collects data and checks the accuracy, the schools receive letter grades based on how great their school’s data was. These grades are typically released during September.

   LaPorte’s “A” elementary schools are proud to continue with the title, though it is not their main goal.

     “We are pleased  to be recognized as an  ‘A’ school. Our staff is dedicated to doing the best we can every day for all of our students. The ‘A’ is a by product of the efforts of our students, staff, and Cougar families,” Donna Biggs, Crichfield principal, said.

    Though the elementary school’s principals are staying humble, they are proud to be a part of something so great. The recognition which comes with being an “A” school would not be given without the encouragement and cooperation between staff, students, and parents.

    “All students, teachers, support staff, principal and parents work hard everyday to do their best. It is not always about test scores but the learning process and how they can apply their knowledge,” Kim Rehlander, Indian Trail principal, said.

    While there may be setbacks that interrupt occasionally, Kingsford Heights has learned to work with the problems rather than overlook them.

    “We promote a culture of Growth Mindset at Kingsford Heights School. Mistakes and failures are seen as opportunities to learn and grow rather than roadblocks,” Marcia Alexander, Kingsford Heights principal, said.

    No matter what the schools have done to achieve the title of an “A” school, LaPorte is proud to support them and celebrate this incredible achievement. It also should be noted that many schools in LPCSC saw very respectable grades or even improvements from last year.

   “We are very proud of these schools for receiving the grade of “A.” Crichfield, Indian Trail, Kingsford Heights maintained their “A” from the previous year. I would also like to recognize Kesling and Boston Middle School and Hailmann for raising their A-F grades from “C” to a “B.” Although maintaining a “B” grade for the past two years, Kingsbury, Riley, and LaPorte High School improved their point totals on the A-F Grade calculations. We are proud of all schools for their efforts to make continuous improvement,” Manering said.

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