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A deeper look into WWII

A deeper look into WWII

The World War II and Holocaust class is making a much anticipated return for the 2018-2019 school year.

In this class, students will take a further look into what happend during the period of  World War II. This gives students who feel they were not able to cover the topic as seriously, a second chance to get a look at World War II.

While the class covers World War II, it takes a further look into some topics of the time period. Many of the topics have students looking further into genocides of certain groups, and students also cover the background and leadup to the beginning of the war. When students are able to cover these, they get more informations about what actually happened in the war itself.

“We cover everything from the beginning to very end and so forth. We take our time with everything we do so we do not miss a single detail about the war. My students do many projects that cover certain groups involved with the holocaust and these help them see that it was not just Jewish people, it many groups,” Mrs. White, history teacher, said.

This class was a fan favorite last school year. Many students learned far more than just the curriculum.

“This class means so much to me, and the other students who took it. We were given the chance to study something many schools are afraid to teach about. If it were not for Mrs. White, though, this class probably wouldn’t be a thing. She helps us realize what happened and why it is such a big deal in modern times,” Jessica Peterson, senior, said.

Those who would like to take the class should talk to Mrs. White in room 1.29 to get an application.

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