A blooming Lilly


  A familiar face at LaPorte High School, Mrs. Lilly has made an imprint on the lives of many.

    Lilly teaches Advanced Algebra II-5, Geometry II, and Virtual Learning Academy (VLA) Math at LPHS but has become more than just a teacher; she is a supporter, a helpful-hand, and a friend.

   Lilly has been teaching for six years. She began her teaching career at South Central Jr./Sr. High School from 1996-2000. After taking a break to raise her children, she worked in the mailroom at PNW for three years. She then began working at Edgewood Elementary, located in Michigan City, for half of a year, and then made her way to LPHS. Though she has only been here since 2015, she has become an excellent addition to the school’s staff.

    Lilly loves teaching and connecting with the students at LPHS. She finds her own unique ways to create a learning environment that makes it easier to understand the concepts she is teaching and makes sure that no student goes through a lesson without clearly understanding. She does not teach for the job; she teaches because of her love and energy towards education.

    “Several things inspired me to start teaching. I love school. I love learning and enjoy teaching other people things. I had a teacher in high school who took a math concept that was hard to visualize, and he made it very concrete using a garbage can lid and some string. I thought that was so cool. I thought if he could do that, I wanted to do things like that for my future students,” Lilly said.

    While Lilly loves her job, her students love her. Many students have found a way to connect with Lilly outside of math.

    “As a teacher, Mrs. Lilly is helpful, smart, and she teaches in a way you can understand. As a person, she is funny, nice, caring and understanding,” Roseva Cheeks, junior, said.

    Though she is an excellent teacher, she is phenomenal when it comes to giving advice and motivating her students outside of academics.  

    “When I was in high school, I was in the show choir, on the yearbook staff, and I played volleyball and track. I threw the shot-put and discus on the track team. I would love to encourage kids to get involved in high school. After high school, you end up working, sometimes a whole lot. Life in high school, although it can be stressful, should still be fun. Make the best of it. You’re only young once!” Lilly said.

    LPHS hopes to see Lilly here for many years in the future. Whether she is known as a teacher or as a friend, there is one thing that all can agree on: Lilly is an enchanting woman with a tremendous heart.


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