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Swimming to the finish line

Swimming is often considered to be one of the most grueling sports. Endless hours in the pool and countless flip turns, laps, and dives separate the dedicated from those who just want to be on the team.

The girls’ swim season has just started for the La Porte Slicers; however, they have been in the pool for months already.   

“I worked out over the summer to get ready for swim season. I had a job so I would come home from work and go straight to practice,” Abby Zila, senior, said.

Recently on November 29, the girls swim team defeated their arch rivals Michigan City for the first time in the last four years. The final score was 96-87. It was a great win to get under their belts early in the season.

“Overall I think this season is going well. We have a lot of new swimmers who joined this season and of all the newbies who showed up on day one, we’ve only lost one, which is huge. The girls have been working extremely hard, and we already have many girls who are swimming either as fast as they did at the end of last season or who are right there and on their way to best times,” John Doty, girls’ swim coach, said.

Coaches as well as swimmers are looking forward to postseason, which is what all the swim meets and practices lead up to.

“I’m very excited to see how Sectionals turns out for everyone! Last year we had a lot of big time drops and based on how everyone has been working the first half of the season, I expect to see some big drops again,” Doty said.

As the season approaches, many athletes set goals for themselves. With a new season, Abigail Roberts, junior, has set a goal that she is wanting to exceed this swim season.

“My goal is to place top three in the sectionals in the 50 free and hopefully break our schools 50 free record,” Abigail Roberts said.  

The girls’ swimming work together as a team by keeping each other positive and encouraging each other. This year they have also done more team bonding.

“I look up to my teammates because they are always encouraging and motivating me to do better,” Zila said.

The swim team has made improvements already since last year. Such as beating their rivals, Michigan City, for the first time in the last four years.

“Last season was a lot of us trying to figure out who would swim what event. This year, the entire team, more or less, returned so we already knew who was going to be where so we could really focus on their events. I would also have to say a lot the girls have a much different attitude towards their season. There seems to be a lot more focus and drive that wasn’t necessarily there last season,” Doty said.

The next girls’ home swim meet is on Saturday December 16 against Elkhart Central High School.  

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