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Mural, mural on the wall

Mural, mural on the wall

Mrs. Lebo’s AP 3-D Art Class has been adding a pop of color and joy in the halls of LPHS the past few weeks.

The artists in the class are embarking on a new activity to not only make their class time fun but to brighten up the school in general. Murals are popping up all over the place, with tons of color and positive messages.

The trend began with Hailmann Elementary School. The Art Club and AP Art class both cooperated to spread positive messages throughout the elementary school and when LPHS Principal Mr. Tonagel saw what a great job they were doing, decided that the high school was in dire need for it, too.

“This is such a good idea because our school is bland. Without anything on the walls, it’s just grey and boring. It adds a little creativity, like some inspiration throughout the day. Like if you’re walking and having a bad day and you see all these things that are bright, nice, and colorful, it’s like ‘Have a good day!’” Kelsey Henry, senior and AP Art student, said.

Not only are the students working with paint, but they are also dabbling in different kind of designs. Lebo has picked up many ideas and supplies for her class to run with, such as little decals, stencils, etc.

“We’re trying to collaborate to get something different then just painting on the walls,” Lebo said.

The AP class has been hard at work perfecting their portfolios. They have to complete 25 projects by the end of the year, so it has been mostly work these last 16 weeks. The murals have been a welcomed change of pace.

“This is a nice little break for them. What they’ve done is I’ve given them the option to look at some of the sayings that were suggested to me. If they want to change it, tweak it, add some color, do something different,” Lebo said.

Altogether, the art students have been putting in a tremendous amount of work. The school is no doubt going to have a bit more life in it, and hopefully the students will appreciate it just as much. Be on the lookout for more murals as they pop up!


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