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Generations of love

Generations of love


An amazing group of seventh graders held a Grandparent’s Dance on Friday, November 17th in the Boston Middle School cafeteria.

Boston’s seventh graders are all about service learning and community service projects. Mrs. Welsh and Mrs. Kwasny have a “Change the World Mini Course,” in which students come up with ideas they can plan and execute in order to make the world a better place.

The students use the GenerationOn website, a site that has a plethora of community service initiatives, to help come up with concepts. They research ideas in that topic and pitch it to Mrs. Carter.

The group came up with what was initially going to be called “Senior Prom” but then realized many of their grandparents were not technically considered seniors, thus changing it to the Grandparents’ Dance.

“We don’t do a lot with our grandparents in middle school as we did in elementary school, and the kids aren’t as connected. I think this was a good connector but in a more fun or grown up way to do it rather than just having our ‘Grandparents Morning,’” Emily Siefker, 7th grader, said.

The philanthropy mini course kids were in charge of creating invitations, setting up tables, and decorating the photo booth. Welsh and Kwasny facilitated it, jumping in when they had to.

The decorations were phenomenal for such a short prep time; shapes of stars and moons hung from the center ceiling, pillars at each corner, lights strung occasionally throughout the cafeteria. On each table, the students even placed conversations starters to help bloom discussions.

This group of kids have previously raised money for Hurricane Irma, helped a rescue shelter, and so many more caring projects, but nothing like this one.

“It originally started that they wanted to do something with senior citizen centers, but the problem was how do you get the seniors here or how do we get the kids there so this then turned into grandparents, which is neat because family bonding; they love it,” Kwasny, seventh grade reading teacher, said.

Dancing was just one of many of the options at this event. A DJ was set up for the dance, but something popped up, and he was not able to make it. A substitute who was working at Boston that day had a connection to the group PT and the Cruisers. She made a phone call during the day and secured the band, who performed for the students at no charge. Family Express also provided some food and beverages.

For an hour and a half, Boston’s cafeteria was the place to be, filled with smiling faces and dancing feet. It was an event that students and grandparents alike are sure to remember.

“We should appreciate those who do for you, in particular, your elders, your parents and your grandparents. Appreciate the time we have with them is so precious. We have had a couple of students this year, one very recent,  who had lost some grandparent like figures and it’s devastating. I think it’s important to make sure that the kids know that this time is so precious and say thank you to those who give them everything, “ Welsh, seventh grade social studies teacher, said.

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