Scarves for Lincoln


Every year, STAND Club and NHS collect scarves to help make sure those in the community stay warm.

          In past years, they have wrapped them around trees down town, but the two clubs have decided to put them around Lincoln Elementary this year.

           Lincoln Elementary was chosen because the majority of students are walkers. STAND and NHS want to ensure the Lion family can get through harsh LaPorte winters.

        “All the students are walkers, and a lot of them do not have the proper equipment,” Brandon Arnett, senior, said.

         The community normally collects around a hundred scarves; however, they are aiming to get around 300 scarves this year.

        “STAND Club collects scarves because we hang them up so those who do not have scarves can take them to keep themselves warm,” Kelsey Henry, senior, said.

          If people do not have any scarves to donate, they can donate hats, gloves, coats, or a sweatshirt. Donations can be taken down to Mrs. Rice in the main office. Also, if a student wants to donate other things, they can donate their time. STAND meets every Monday in the main office.

         “It has made an impact because it encourages others to do good also. My favorite part is getting together to help the people who don’t have the accessories and things we have,” Henry, senior, said.

Helping others is not only good for the people in need but also helps the community come together.

“We should be giving back all the time, not only during the holidays. STAND Club had such a good work session the other day, and I think the students enjoy giving back to the young kids; it is a good feeling,” Rice, LPHS secretary, said.

If people are looking to get involved they can by coming to meetings in the main office. Normally the meetings last for thirty minutes. There are snacks and a great opportunity to meet new friends.

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