5 things that need to stay in 2017


The end of 2017, or any year, signifies a cleansing for the upcoming months. It is a time where people aim to start over, to improve, or just to become something different entirely. Most of the events that take place in previous years are usually nothing but a mere memory come January 1st, and anyone who dares bring it up sacrifices not only their pride, but their dignity also. So, here is a list ranging from trends, to people, to events that we hope stays in 2017.


  1. Fidget spinners

When Catherine Hettinger’s latest creation became the next big sensation among youth, two sides were taken. The people who loved fidget spinners…I mean, loved fidget spinners, and the people who wouldn’t touch one with a ten foot pole. Not only did they take the world by storm, but they divided it. It became an object that was on every gas station counter, on every school desk, and inside everyone’s mind, kind of like the plague.


  1. Eyebrow trends

Okay, the fidget spinner trend was understandable, but the wacky eyebrow trends were just ridiculous. In early August to mid-September, people were trying out different types of eyebrows like they were trying on shoes. First, it started with the “wavy” eyebrows, then the “braided” eyebrows, and finally the “feathered” eyebrows. Nobody really knows if these were serious fashion trends, but they sure did serve their purpose for the month they were trending.


  1. Misleading shirts

Stores like Forever 21 and H&M have pretty good quality clothes for a cheap price, so I’ll give them that, but they also kick started one of the most annoying criticisms of the year. Customers took to Twitter to poke fun at items of clothing that looked cute from the rack, but as soon as they were pulled off, revealed a cringy message, like “I’m actually really smart,” “Fancy Little Number,” “Feed Me and Tell Me I’m Pretty,” and “Thuggin.” There was no chance for teenagers to get stylish, minimalistic clothing without a struggle. Trust me, this is coming from someone who accidentally bought clothes like this, twice. It’s not cute, and it’s not funny.


  1. Danielle Bregoli

Otherwise known as the “Cash Me Ousside” girl from Dr. Phil, this 14-year-old girl honestly had no boundaries, and it was kind of a mess. Not only was she a highly publicized “brat” on national television, but she also took it upon herself to use all the attention she was getting and make a Youtube channel and start a rap career under the alias Bhad Bhabie. In other words, she turned into every other social media star, like, in every way. From the crude humor, to the overly expensive cars, to the deafening autotuned voice, she sure has got it all. All because she was a meme. This girl might make more in one year than any of us might make in our entire lifetimes. Just think about that.


  1. The Paul Brothers

Bregoli has her flaws, sure, but she hardly scrapes the surface of being a disgrace when it comes to Logan and Jake Paul. For those who do not know, the Paul brothers are known for being obnoxious, despicable “influencers” with seemingly no moral compass. They started their career on the old app “Vine” (which they should have disappeared with), and slowly decided to ruin Youtube one step at a time.

If I had to rank them separately, Jake would be runner up to being the worst thing to happen in 2017. He is one of the prime reasons why Youtube – a website that has been wholesomely creating social media stars for years – has become a place where little kids are taught to “dab on them haters,” terrorize their neighbors, and take serious situations way too far. Global reporters have deemed him nicknames like a “moronic menace to society,” and an “absolute terror.” He has no respect for other people, and to be frankly honest, the one thing he genuinely cares about is being a billionaire mega-star, no matter what it takes, who it takes down, and how it impacts his very young and impressionable fans.

What Jake does is actually very dangerous to the youth, obviously, but that pales in comparison to the lack of respect that his older brother, Logan, portrays on a daily basis. He shares the same mentality as his brother in terms of going to the extreme, but raises the bar even higher in the worst way possible.

For months, Logan was seen as the “better” Paul brother simply because of the horrendous news articles and backlash that Jake was receiving. He was getting away with just as despicable things, just under the radar. It did not blow up in his face until the final day of 2017, when he uploaded a vlog (video blog) of him visiting Aokigahara Forest (Suicide Forest) and blatantly showing the body of a person who had taken their own life hours before. He then proceeded to film the body up close, and crack jokes with the other people around him. The video accumulated over six million views and was up for over 24 hours before it was taken down by Paul himself. The backlash he faced was 10 times harsher than anything his brother had ever experienced – and for good reason.

That is just a scrape of how far this man will go for fame and money. In the remainder of his trip to Japan, which he also shared online, he was extremely racist and disrespectful towards the citizens. He is seen foolishly wearing a kimono and a kasa, hopping on the back a random strangers bike to scare him, throwing fish in the middle of the street right after shoving it in people’s faces, and running around pretending to throw Pokeballs at them.

Through his brief, conceited, disrespectful, and clearly detached apologies, it is clear that if any of these things make it into 2018, it should not be him. There is no amount of sorrow and compassion this man could feel – if he even does – to justify or forgive his actions. The excuse that he “wasn’t thinking” or “did not understand the gravity of the situation,” should actually sicken our society. Young people who are passionate about Logan Paul are being taught that taking everything to the extreme – and taking that to the internet – is a positive and encouraged reaction. This man, regardless of how sorry he feels, has damaged social media culture in a way most did not think could be possible, and for that, NEEDS to stay in 2018 for all that is holy.

So, yeah, there is no doubt in my mind that he deserves that number one spot he so desperately desires, since anyone with Logan Paul’s mentality only craves attention, positive or negative.

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