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Living, breathing sports

Living, breathing sports

For most teens all around the world, sports have become more than an inspiration.

When it comes to athletics, there can be many challenges, countless hours of hard work, plenty of tears, but most of all, a passion that will never die.

With over 23 different sports taking place, each one has made LPHS the school it is today and plays a vital role in the lives of many Slicer students.

Sports can help with more than people think. When it comes to difficulties in life, many take the opportunity of playing their sport as an escape from the real world, and turn it into their own world. Sometimes the outcomes are the best relievers.

“Personally sports are a fun way to relieve stress. Softball has always been something I use to fall back on when I want to relieve stress. The greatest part about playing a sport is the result. My mom is the one I have to thank for my love and success in softball. I am achieving my goals and will be playing for Saint Mary’s next year. Softball has been a huge part of my life since I was little. I don’t think I have ever had as much love for it as I do now,” Rylee Penziol, senior softball player, said.

Although there are positive sides to sports, there are also tough times, hard work and countless hours no one else sees. But, players with their heart in the game are the ones who stick it out the longest and end up making friendships and memories that last forever.

“What my sport means to me is fight. You have to fight for the person next to you. I chose this sport because I love playing and watching basketball. The hardest part about this sport is having the stamina to run up and down the court and go 100% when you’re tired. A lesson learned is, going 110% is the only way you’ll get better. Playing with your same teammates for four years is a plus and you can only play sports in high school once; it is the best times.” Marshawn Sherrod, senior basketball player, said.

Within the life of learning a sport, it comes with the opportunity of learning who you are. Many sports players know themselves for the people they are when they are the court or on the field.

“Nothing beats Slicer Baseball. You play for your school, and fight for your teammates. I choose this sport because I love to play it. Playing the game for the Slicers and representing my school gives meaning. Being in sports has disciplined me and challenged me in many different ways but this sport mean a lot to me because it’s helped shape me personally and physically to who I am today,” Noah Mathias, senior baseball player, said.

Out of all the positive and negative things that come with being part of a sport, there is always the greatest part of every sport; making new friends, whether it is from across the field or across the country, and for some, it is becoming a family.

“All sports are ways to stay active, make new friends, and always just have fun. Volleyball means playing the sport that I love and having the ability to meet new people and travel different places. Volleyball has made my life a lot more entertaining. The great things are winning and spending a lot of time with your closest friends. It’s probably one of the hardest, but it is definitely the best,” Gillian Santana, junior volleyball player, said.

Sports allow many athletes to push themselves further than they thought they could. With effort comes improvement.

“To me track and field is a way to be part of a team, but mainly, it’s a way to push myself to be the best at my events. In a way, track is just competing against yourself to become better and better. Track has changed my life by teaching me my worth and what i am capable of. It teaches me that the work I put in will come out and give me results that make me know hard work is worth it. Because of that hard work. Track has also brought me to State, which is a memory I’ll never forget,” Lauren Anglin, senior track runner, said.

Striving to be the best is one way many sports players around the world look at life. These students at LPHS have brought out the true meaning of sports. For some of these students taking part in what they love, are just high school students with a dream that they will never stop following.

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