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The FLC’s McG

The FLC’s McG

The Freshman Learning Community, or the FLC, is a grouping of classes for freshmen students in need of more focus and one-on-one attention. Classes in the FLC are distinct. From the content to the students, the teacher to the subject, each class poses different challenges and features varied strengths.

“The Freshman Learning Community is a group of teachers who teach a specific group of learners here at LPHS. They work very closely with Mrs. Kosior, Mrs. Rosenbaum, and the guidance counselors to ensure academic and personal success. Our classes are just the same as any other class, with a couple of exceptions. Class size is smaller, and we meet as a team at least once a week to check in with each other as well as ensure that students are on track. We are like a family,” Rachel Dawson, FLC health teacher, said.

Amongst these already unique and diverse classes is the FLC English class. FLC English shines with its brilliance, and much of that brilliance is owed to the class teacher: Carolyn McGuire.

“Mrs. McGuire is a great teacher because she cares so deeply for all of her students. She is compassionate and makes sure the students know they are cared about. The students have described her as funny, happy, smart, caring, athletic, and outgoing. Her bubbly personality is infectious and brings a change of pace to the learning environment,” Libbie Gilliland, FLC math teacher, said.

McGuire teaches her English classes with an attitude that sets her apart from other teachers. She teaches with time and dedication, while simultaneously pushing her students to excel.

“Mrs. McGuire is different from other teachers I’ve had in the past because she makes class work exciting. She explains things easier and takes all her time so that we know what we’re doing,” Kimberly Ramirez, FLC student, said.

Much of McGuire’s teaching success can be owed to her own role models’ impact upon her.

“Teachers I admire and aspire to be more like are the teachers who see the whole student, teachers whose energy and efforts make students feel seen and valued. This I feel is foundational for students’ academic success. In a similar way, teachers who are present to their students also seem in tune to what’s happening in their world and making their curriculum relevant,” McGuire said.

McGuire’s own role models have been reflected in her classroom, where she does not let the importance of her English class eclipse the importance of students’ lives outside of the classroom.

“Some of McGuire’s best qualities are how caring and patient she is. Most teachers seem like they don’t care what’s going on in our personal lives, but she always asks how we are doing and likes to talk to us, and she cares how we feel,” Emily Carter, FLC student, said.

Her compassion and her uplifting attitude have made McGuire’s class a favorite among many FLC students. In this highly-revered class, McGuire’s lessons go beyond English lessons.

“McGuire impacted my life a ton. She taught me to treat everyone with kindness. She also showed me to stop stressing about drama and focus on positive rather than negative things in life,” Madison Willoughby, FLC student, said.

With all of McGuire’s openness, happiness, and phenomenal teaching skills, it is no surprise that her students adore her.

“She’s one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. She’s just really cool and nice. She’s honestly my favorite teacher. Most teachers are the type of way… they’re like, ‘Sit down and get your work done.’ McGuire makes us do our work, but at the same time, she has fun with the whole class. She welcomes everyone into her class. She doesn’t care who you are; she’s going to be nice to you,” Sebastian Martinez-Seiber, FLC student, said.

A shining personality, a welcoming classroom, and a teacher of English and life lessons, the FLC and LPHS are happy to have the outstanding Mrs. McGuire.

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