A teacher with a voice


 A friendly face at LaPorte High School, Ms. Baugh is becoming known for more than just teaching; She recently auditioned for NBC’s The Voice.

    Baugh, English teacher, has always loved singing but recently attempted to take her passion to another level. Though she did not make the show, she is happy that she attended the auditions and looks to grow from the experience.

    “The auditions were really fun. It was VERY cold waiting in line outside, but I met a lot of really interesting and talented people and had a great time. Even though I didn’t make the show, I am very happy that I went. It’s an experience unlike any other,” Baugh said.

    Baugh has been singing since she was very young and has performed in front of many audiences at various locations.

    “I have been singing since before I could talk. It has always been my number one passion. I perform any time that I have the opportunity. I have done several variety shows here at the high school, and I have done many karaoke competitions. I also competed in Hoosier Star in 2016 and hope to make it again this year,” Baugh said.

    After attempting to play the violin in sixth grade, Baugh realized that she enjoyed singing more, and she switched to choir class. Baugh was in her schools’ choir classes from sixth grade until the end of college, and she took one semester of voice lessons while in college.

    Baugh has always loved singing, and her mother and boyfriend have greatly supported her.

    “There is no one in my life more supportive and encouraging than my mother. She is and always will be my biggest fan. My boyfriend is also always there for me. He accompanied me to the Voice auditions and braved the cold with me,” Baugh said.

    As Baugh hopes to someday find a career in singing, she continues encouraging her students to reach for the stars.

    “I think everyone should go for their dreams. Failure is a part of life, so every no is just another opportunity to improve and move forward. No one should let fear hold them back from taking a chance on making their dreams come true,” Baugh said.

    With Baugh’s dreams to make it big, LPHS is ready to support her no matter where she goes.




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