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An unforgettable pep rally

An unforgettable pep rally

LaPorte High School held a pep rally for Friday night’s girls and boys’ basketball game against the rival Michigan City Wolves.

All of the students at LPHS, besides the ones in LPHS’ Public Relations class, thought it was going to be an average Pep Rally, but the rally was also being held to honor the Ultimate Slicer, Jay Seaburg. The PR class planned a Dude. Be Nice celebration for Seaburg.

“I believe Jay is the ultimate Slicer because of the incredible attitude he brings to LPHS. He has inspired me and so many others to find the positive in all situations. Every room Jay enters is filled with good vibes. He makes LPHS a happy place,” Rylee Penziol, senior PR member, said.

Dude. Be Nice. is an organization that pushes students to step up and do for others within their school community who are making a difference. The PR team was challenged to throw a celebration, and Seaburg was their clear choice. Mr. Tonagel gave the class the green light to add the ceremony into the winter Pep Rally.

The pep rally started with many cheers to liven up the students and followed into a few games. Usually students from each grade participate in games in front of the students, but instead the teachers played games against each other. Mr. Jeffers and senior Janelle O’Neal challenged Mrs. White and senior Marshawn Sherrod to a 3 point contest. Jeffers and O’Neal wound up as champions. In another game, five female and five male teachers were picked and played against each other to see who could pop 25 of balloons without using their hands first.

After the games, Seaburg went into the center of the court thinking he was going to lead the school in a cheer. Miss Parker, PR teacher, told Seaburg the news that he was up in front of everyone to be honored for being the Ultimate Slicer.

A video, make by the PR team was shown to the whole school and brought tears to many people’s eyes as Seaburg’s family and friends spoke about the influence Seaburg has on others. He was given a basket filled with gifts from the Slicer athletic teams and the announcement that the school elevator would be dedicated to Seaburg due to his love of elevators.

“I was completely shocked about it [the pep rally] because it feels so awesome to be the Ultimate Slicer because people respect me. Even though I have a disability that doesn’t mean I can’t do the stuff that everyone does, so it may take me a little longer to do everything, but I can get to where I’m going in a different way.” Seaburg, senior, said.

The Pep Rally ended with every student yelling a cheer that was led by Seaburg, which left everyone fired up for the games against City. It was a Pep Rally to remember.


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