Gomez commits to Manchester


 Skyler Gomez, senior at LPHS, recently signed to continue his wrestling career at Manchester University.

    After wrestling for seven years, Gomez has decided to take his talent to the next level. His coaches and friends are excited to see Gomez take his passion, dedication, and hard work further than the high school mats.

    “What makes me proud most about Skyler is not the matches that he has won, but the work he has put into the sport and the passion he has developed for it,” Jason Brown, assistant coach, said.

    Gomez knew that he wanted to continue wrestling after high school, but he was unsure of where he wanted go until he visited Manchester University.

    “I am excited to continue wrestling beyond high school because it will be my last opportunity to compete as an athlete. I wanted to go to Manchester because one of our old assistant coaches got a job as a coach there, and I also took visits and really like the campus and programs,” Gomez said.

    After his freshman year on the LPHS wrestling team, Gomez was never expected to become one of the top high school wrestlers in Indiana. After years of hard work, Gomez has become an exceptional athlete.

    “Combined with his technical ability and the strength he is developing, Skyler is becoming a well-balanced wrestler. He continues to learn how to work at the level of successful athletes, and that hard work is what continues to allow him to get better,” Brown said.

    With the competitiveness and determination he has, Gomez has looked to his successes to motivate him to continue wrestling.

    The LPHS wrestling team and coaches, as well as the rest of LPHS, wish Gomez the best of luck with his future wrestling career.


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