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Senior night for boys’ and girls’ swim team

Senior night for boys’ and girls’ swim team

The boys’ and girls’ swim team just celebrated their senior night last Saturday; however, they did not have a meet like they normally would have due to inclement weather.

“Senior night was very emotional it was really hard knowing that this is the last year that I’ll have with these 4 or 5 boys all in the same place. It is just really hard thinking that there is not next year. Years before we have always told ourselves there is always next year we will get it next year well now there is no next year. This is the year if it doesn’t happen this year then there is no other time we can do it. So it puts a real big emotional block on everybody,” Jacob Cooper, senior, said.

Being a senior means that the underclassmen look up to them quite often, and seniors play their own specific role.

“Being a senior means that I provide an example for underclassmen to look at and to follow through with,” Colin Hay, senior, said.

For seniors slicer swimming means something to them since they have been a part of the Slicer swim team for the last four years.

“Slicer swimming means a lot to me. It’s where I met my four best friends I’ll probably have for the rest of my life so it has meant the world to me,” Braiden Arnett, senior, said.

Many swimmers have put in several hours in and out of season to ensure that their senior swim season is good last season.  

“Individually, right now, I am undefeated but we are looking towards to some harder meets coming up. So hopefully I can power through these and keep going strong,” Jacob Cooper, senior, said.

The swim team is practicing very hard for Sectionals this year. First, though, the team will have to make it through the upcoming DAC swim meet.

“We are putting in a lot of yards and destroying our bodies physically and mentally. So when sectionals comes around we tanker and slow our yards down and rest our bodies we can build back up our muscle. So right now we are just in destroy our body phase,” Cooper said.

Goodluck to the swim team for the rest of the season.


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