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Hire-a-Slicer is a program that helps fellow Slicer students find a job through community businesses.

Hire-a-Slicer was founded two years ago by Matthew Presley, an English teacher at LaPorte High School. Presley received the Teacher of the Year award in 2015 and was rewarded $1000 through the LaPorte Chamber of Commerce and had to find a constructive way to spend it.

“I didn’t want to blow the money on school supplies. I wanted to do something that had more of a long lasting impact, so I began brainstorming with Mr. Tonagel about some different ideas and that was how Hire-a-Slicer was originated,” Presley said.

This program has connected students to businesses and has significantly improved students’ resumes uploaded to Hire a Slicer. To upload a resume, it must first be approved by Presley. There are about 250 resumes up on the site right now.

In order to participate in Hire-a-Slicer, students must be a senior. It is designed to help seniors and some recent graduates to find a job within a business in LaPorte.

“It has connected our business community to our students. Businesses are sometimes saying, ‘Where can we find people who can show up on time or have some work ethic skills and are able to our jobs?’ Students also have the same issue with ‘Where do I, go where do I find a job, or how do I get a job that isn’t a fast food place?’” Presley said.

The Hire-a-Slicer page has been recently updated to where the site allows businesses to post jobs that students can apply for, so now at the top of the website there is an opportunity for people to view and post a job that would be for businesses and to also advertise their jobs.

“After the first year, I realized, and other people in the community realized, the whole thing was kind of one sided; students could post resumes, businesses could go and view the resumes by category or by career interest and call those students and hire them. The other pieces bringing in the business side allowing them to post their jobs, so it is a two way street. It’ll allow students to go to the website not only to post a resume but to also view job listings, and so right now we are in the process of making some of those connections and determining what that would look like for business,” Presley said.

In order for students to participate in Hire a Slicer go to, click on the tab that says “students,” to upload information and a resume.  

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