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High school sports vs. college sports

High school sports vs. college sports

One of the most hyped up aspects of school is sports. Sports are some of the very few things that bring a large and diverse group of people together. High school sports and college sports in particular both share the same energy, but they differ in many other ways.

The more commonly known difference is the commitment. High school sports do require a certain amount of responsibility but nothing compared to the demanding schedule of college sports.

“The major difference is that everyone’s dedication and motivation is a lot higher in college. Be prepared to work hard everyday; there aren’t really ‘easy days’ in college,” Natalie Santana, volleyball player at Wright State University, said.

Along with commitment, college sports also differ in the time that needs to be put aside. High school can be stressful in that sense, too, but not nearly in the same ballpark in the grand scheme of things.

“There’s just more of everything. More practices, more workouts, and more team bonding,” Brandy Michie, volleyball player at Huntington University, said.

Another difference is mentality. Some high school athletes do take their sports very seriously from the very beginning, but some do it for mainly entertainment purposes. In college, all athletes really delve into their sport.

“The major differences between college and high school sports are obviously the training and level of competition but also the mental aspect. This is because everyone on your team all worked so hard to get to the same position as you. There’s no one there playing just for fun or because their friends do it. They’re there because of their love for the sport, the game, and competition that goes along with it,” Kaylene Norris, volleyball player at Grand Valley State University, said.

Regardless of how challenging college sports can be, most athletes prefer it over high school because of the higher competition, closer team bonding, and just being around people who have the same passion as them.

“I prefer playing volleyball in college because of the difference in focus. I like college volleyball more because no one cares where you’re from or who your parents are; it’s about what you bring to the court and to your teammates,” Norris said.

It takes a lot of courage, responsibility, integrity, and perseverance to take on college sports. The key to succeeding is to be confident.

“Don’t underestimate yourself. Go into your college sport ready to work hard with a positive, humble attitude because you never know how things will turn out,” Michie said.

For those planning or who have committed to playing sports in college, be ready to put in the work. As long as one is passionate about what he or she is doing, it is difficult to go wrong.

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