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Reed shoots for the meaning of life

Reed shoots for the meaning of life

There are so many people that inspire others with their happiness and determination! The greatest of people are not always the ones who stand out to everyone; they are the ones who continue to bring the true meaning of life wherever they go even if they are not always noticed.

Emily Reed is a very confident and passionate young women with the gift of bringing happiness to whoever and wherever she goes. Although she can be shy at first, once one gets to know her, she will encourage and motivate anyone to live life to the fullest.

Reed grew up in La Porte along with her brother and sister. Although her dad may have not always been there due to being overseas, her truest friend was always there with her and at her side.

Although, when Reed 10 years old, she moved down to Texas where she lived until summer of 2017.

Growing up, Reed was closest with her brother. She was always hanging out with her brother and his friends, roaming and enjoying the outdoors.

“Growing up, I usually just played outside with my brother and his friends. We would go running around in the woods and just have a blast,” Reed said.

During Reed’s years of growing up, she had a lot of fun with her friends and siblings. Even though she had fun with them, Reed’s mother was the one person who inspired her to be who she is today. She has done everything to keep their family going and raised her to be the best person she can be. Everyone has that one person in their life that has changed it for the better and Reed’s mom will always be hers.

“My mom definitely inspired me, because she has done a lot on her own and she’s a very independent person. Being able to rely on yourself is a big deal and not relying on other people. She has just been so strong when the rest of the family hasn’t. She has always lifted us up as a family,” Reed said

In her youth, Reed began to find hobbies that grabbed her interest.

She started out riding horses for quite some time. Reed loved competing on horses because it gave her the feeling of freedom. However, she did lose the option of riding, but eventually, her heart became determined to something better.

Basketball is the one thing that gets Reed motivated. She started out playing basketball with her friends and turned out liking it more than she thought even though she was not the most intense player.

“I as a person am not intense but I like the intensity. I’m like an adrenaline junky and so it was really fun to me. Just being able to go out and have fun, and even smash on people, it’s awesome,” Reed said.

When Reed first started out playing basketball she was in fifth grade. She had a very difficult time just dribbling and shooting the ball. Although, she may have not been the best in the beginning, she set goals and she practiced until she met them.

“I was starting varsity my sophomore year, and I was point guard so I was able to handle the ball like no other. Just being able to dribble through traffic, that is one of the biggest things for me. Just all around being a diverse player and playing every spot was also a goal of mine and I’ve achieved it,” Reed said.

With every sport comes doubts and disappointments but Reed is one that never let a bad game get to her.

“Honestly, my self confidence was getting really low and that is when I got into AAU (Ameatur Athletic Union) and I was like, you know what, if I just train harder than I can get where I wanna be and it won’t be like this anymore,” Reed said.

Being the guard, Reed is the floor general oftentimes for her team, which adds a great deal of weight to her shoulders.

“I wouldn’t say it is a scary feeling, but it is like you definitely put some pressure on yourself more than usual,” Reed said.

When it comes to sports, many players play for the win. They want to get ahead and say they can win every game but for Reed, it is so different. She is one of few who play to just have fun. She obviously enjoys winning and getting the recognition but her true love for the sport is the fun and happiness it brings to her life.

“The best part about basketball is playing and having fun. I play to have fun. I don’t have any specific goals like to go play in college. I’m just there because I love the sport and I want to have fun with it and be with the team. As bad as it sounds for a junior, being on JV I’m having a blast. I don’t have any pressure of how many quarters I’m playing, if I’m dressing varsity, or if I’m even going to play. It’s like being able to relax and have fun. That’s why it means so much to me,” Reed said.

For those who have the dream of being more than just a basketball player, sometimes that is the best way to start out. Reed is always pushing forward and has never gave up. No matter the good or bad she is always moving to scoring the dream anyone can have if they put their mind to it. The doubts and the negativity that comes with any sport will bring anyone down, but it is the ones who get up and shake it off that make it just like Reed has.

“Definitely keep pushing hard because you will go through some rough patches either with your team, yourself, or the coaches. Whatever it may be keep going because a basketball season is only so long but you can improve so much during that one season. You will be so much better with training and just pushing yourself while having faith in yourself and your whole team,” Reed said.

The best thing about Reed is although she may not be the most known person or player, she has impacted so many people and her team. Sometimes the best people are the ones in the back doing their own thing. Reed is one who never gives up and she will fight for what she believes in and will do anything to help people out. The smile on her face everyday brings joy to everyone around her and with as determined as she is, she is known to those who have been inspired by her.

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