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Slater leads Slicers to the finish line

Slater leads Slicers to the finish line

The saying “Once a Slicer, always a Slicer” rings loudly in the halls of LPHS, and for Mr. Slater, it took him from Slicer student to Slicer educator.

Slater has been a teacher at LaPorte High School since his first year five years ago. Slater aims to make a lasting impact on the students he teaches and ones he coaches in boys’ cross country and girls’ track.

“Running is a great stress reliever. It gets you outside and into fresh air. You can temporarily forget any negatives in your life and enjoy the process. You can see your hard work pay off over the course of a season,” Slater said.

Slater started out at LPHS as a cross country and track runner and played baseball and basketball. He ran cross country from sophomore year and track and field from junior year of high school to his senior year in college. After graduating from Taylor University with a degree in social studies education, he returned to teach World History and History of Sports.

“I had two amazing history teachers in seventh grade. Mr. Zeisig and Mr. Spagna. They co-taught the class and made the class so enjoyable. I looked forward to going to their class every day and they gave me such a love for history. I knew in seventh grade I wanted to be teacher and coach.” Slater said.

He quickly began to coach both track and cross country, achieving both of his goals.

Slater inspires many to work harder and strive for their goals. Even though he has only been at LPHS for five years, he has made an impact that will affect many Slicer runners.

“Coach Slater has been very positive and influential person/coach to me. He leads a great program that is very close. The cross country team forms great bonds.” Carson Crass, sophomore cross country runner, said.  

The cross country and track runners have had help improving their running from Slater. Slater coaches athletes on how to change in their runs and helps them work on that particular problem.

“Coach Slater creates workouts and exercises for me. When running he will give me tips on how to improve my start on my form. If I have an injury or I’m sore, he gives me certain exercises or activities on how strengthen that and make it better. When it comes to hurdling, he helps me improve my form and my speed when approaching the hurdle, or as he likes to say “Attack the hurdle!” I think how he helps me improve the most is by helping me stay positive, telling me how good and I am and my potential, and lets me know how much I mean to the team,” Riley Tuerff, junior and track runner, said.

It’s only the beginning for Slater’s career, and there is little doubt that it will continue to be a success.

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