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A new face at LPHS

A new face at LPHS

There is no shortage of great teachers in the English department at La Porte High School, and this year brought a great new edition.

Nathan Timmons is an English 9, English 10, and Sophomore Learning Community teacher at LPHS. Timmons, originally from Valparaiso, graduated from Indiana University.

This is Timmons second year teaching but it’s his first year teaching at LPHS. Last year, Timmons taught at Warsaw.

“We have so many female English teachers, so it is nice to have a male. Timmons is hard working and motivated. He does a really good job with the classes he teaches,” Brenda Cooper, fellow English teacher, said.

When Timmons went off to college, he originally did not plan on becoming a teacher. Timmons was an English major and didn’t have any idea on what he wanted to do for a career. He played around with the idea of going into writing or or editing, but a few education courses made Timmons quickly change his mind.

“At the end of my sophomore year, a family friend asked me if I had ever thought about teaching. I took a few intro to education classes and found that I loved it! I love seeing students grasp and understand new concepts. I also love English (specifically literature) and getting to talk about it all day makes me pretty happy,” Timmons said.

Timmons has many hobbies. One of his many hobbies includes reading. Timmons is an avid reader and his top three favorite books at the moment are Ender’s Game, Dune, and The Night Angel Trilogy. Timmons also enjoys the outdoors.

“I enjoy fishing, hunting, and shooting. I mainly fish for bass and steelhead and occasionally participate in fishing tournaments. I love hunting deer and waterfowl. I also like to snowboard and play around on snowmobiles in the winter,” Timmons said.

When Timmons was in high school, he participated in multiple sports. He was involved in wrestling, track, and cross country all four years of high school.

“Sports took up almost all of my time and, as a result, I did not participate in any clubs. I was probably what most people would consider a punk. I rocked skinny jeans, slip on vans, and v-necks most days, and I probably spent too much time hanging out at skate parks,” Timmons said.

He has traded his skinny jeans for teacher clothes, and LPHS is better for it.


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