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Advanced acting

Advanced acting

All classes are not the usual sit and take notes and follow it up with a test.

LaPorte High School offers an Advanced Acting class every year to help any LPHS students jump out of their comfort zones and be themselves.

Mrs. Baugh is the teacher of Advanced Acting; it’s her goal to put in endless time and effort to make sure students succeed in this class. Theatre has always been a passion of Baugh’s, and she wants to share her passion with others.

In this class, students study acting and theatre with a hands-on approach. They cover improvisation, memorization, performance of monologues, writing original scripts, a study of theatre history and a study of the classic play Our Town. Our Town tells a story of everyday live in a small town called Grover’s Corner in New Hampshire between the years of 1901 and 1913.

“My favorite thing about teaching this class is watching the students grow from the first day to the last day. I have seen students go from quiet, shy, and unwilling to make eye contact with their classmates, to volunteering to read their own work aloud and getting so in touch with their character that they move the whole class to tears,” Baugh said.

Advanced acting class emphasizes the importance students being themselves without judgement. Baugh makes sure that not one person is left out or feels below anybody else. This class is meant to break the ice, make friends, and get in touch with the actor inside everyone.

“I would definitely recommend joining acting class. It is so fun, you learn a lot and become more confident in yourself. You make a lot of new friends. It would be a fun experience to all,” Cristina Romo, junior, said.

Students are currently making their own scripts for their finals. The scripts are made up of all original ideas, and performed shortly after they are done. This is yet another example of how this class breaks the mold of a traditional English class.

With many scheduling for next year, hopefully students will take advantage of the benefits of this class. It surely will be a journey out of one’s comfort zone.

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