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Building the future

Building the future

At LaPorte High School there are many classes available for students who want to explore the area of construction. Today, skilled laborers are in high demand, and these classes prepare students for a future in that area.

Two classes available in the construction area is Introduction to Construction A and B. These classes offer skills that all students could benefit from. In these construction classes, students learn how to frame a wall, drywall, do electrical work, make pavers, and learn how to do rafters for constructing a roof.

“[What people don’t realize about this class] is that girls can take it, too. There are a handful of girls, and they are probably my best students. It’s because they focus and pay attention. They just do their job. There are a lot of opportunities for everyone here,“ Mr. Ruff, Construction teacher, said.

In a fun way to learn drywall repair skills, after the students drywalled a wall they constructed, Ruff invited teachers to make a hole in the wall so the students can learn to fix it.

The Construction class is not the only opportunity for students to learn these valuable skills.

Introductions to Design Processes is a class where students can pick what they build. This class is considered a “Pinterest” class because many ideas students find to build are on Pinterest. For students who want to learn how to build and be creative at the same time, it is a perfect class to take.

“I think that anybody who has the ability to use their hands should consider taking these courses because college is for a lot of people but not everyone,” Ruff said.

Construction Systems class gets the opportunity to build a dream house and shed. What is even better though is how this class connects Slicer students to members of the community. A person in the community pays for the shed materials, and then the class builds it for them.

After taking these classes, if a student wants to continue a future in construction, Building Trades is a class available at LPHS. Available for juniors and seniors, this class, which runs all year, allows students to build a house from the ground up. Many Building Trades houses can be seen around town.

Whether a student wants to just learn basic construction work or wants to make a living off it, construction is a valuable asset to students, male and female, and is an easy add to students’ schedules for next year.

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