Dollar & a dream


 While going by the name “Rhymer/Educator,” Joe Ruiz, a Business teacher at LaPorte High School, has recently introduced the community to another side of his life.

    Mr. Ruiz has been writing and recording music since he was 17 years old, but he recently left the basic microphone and laptop behind and took his love for music to the next level.

    “Recently, I decided that I wanted to pursue a bucket list dream. I want to write and record a professional studio album and sell the final product,” Ruiz said.

    As a teacher, husband, and father, Ruiz devotes his hard earned money to his family. With the heavy cost that a professional recording studio requires, Ruiz decided to set up a way of funding, which could allow people to donate money.

    “I decided to start a GoFundMe account to help me get it off the ground. Within a matter of days I had earned about $300, which is enough for one song. That’s a far cry from the $3,000 it will take for a 10 song album, but as the saying goes, a journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. So, I bought rights to the beat. I can sell up to 15,000 copies, and I set up an appointment with Always Be Genius Recording Studios in Crown Point, where I worked with a producer/sound engineer named Sam. It was the greatest creative experience of my life,” Ruiz said.

    Ruiz would describe himself as a “Hip-Hop Head,” and his music is greatly inspired from artists of many genres. His first single, Noname Show, was inspired by and written about an album.

    “I tell stories about love, togetherness, good times, unity, and in the case of my most recent single Noname Show, I wrote a love song about an album that I really enjoyed. That sounds weird on paper, but GREAT on the recording,” Ruiz said.

    Students at LPHS have begun purchasing the song, and many have shown interest in Ruiz releasing more music.

    “His song has the lyrics, the melody, and the perfect structure,” Will Malekovic, senior, said.

    In order to release more music, Ruiz must first raise enough money to cover the cost of recording another song. He has decided to take the money made from sales and divide it two ways.

    “Half of all sales are going to the Brighton Street Green Space, a charity project being organized by State Street Community Church. This will be an opportunity for my music to be a force for good, and the other half of all funds raised will pay for future recordings. I’m hoping to sell enough music right away that I can get back in the studio right away. I’ve already got another song waiting to be recorded,” Ruiz said.

    Noname Show is available at for one dollar, but listeners are also able to donate more if they would like to. The sooner people buy the song, the sooner Ruiz will be able to release new music for all to enjoy.

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