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Mrs. Dawson’s baby

Mrs. Dawson’s baby

Mrs. Dawson (Zeltner) has been a treasured teacher at LPHS for years who is known for her love of her students and her job. This year, however, her love grew two fold with a marriage and announcement that she was going to become a mother.

Just recently, Dawson added another member to her family and the Slicer community.

Baby Harris Michael Dawson was born on Tuesday, January 30 at 7:42pm. He joined his new family weighing in at 7 pounds 14 ounces, being 21 inches long, with a head full of light brown hair. Dawson and her husband fell right in love.

Dawson found out she was pregnant over Memorial Day weekend. While her husband was out of town helping a friend in Chicago, she had this feeling in her heart it could be real. She could not wait to take her test and find out if it was finally her chance to be a mom.

“I had a sneaky suspicion that I was pregnant and just couldn’t wait to take the test! I have always wanted to be a mom and even though I consider my students to be my own kids, it’s just not the same. When the positive result came up, I was just over the moon excited, happy, and thankful! Of course, I was a bit scared,” Dawson, said.

Most women always worry during pregnancy. For Dawson her biggest worry mentally was her uncertainty of it all. The constantly worried if the baby was growing right, was she eating the things she needed to keep her and the baby healthy, and the biggest one for all soon to be mothers, when will it be born.

Luckily for Dawson, she had a strong support system at home who made this process much less scary.

“The easiest part was knowing that my husband would be a great dad and partner. He was so supportive and helpful-making dinners, helping me around the house, and going to the obstetrician appointments with me,” Dawson said.

The fun times during a pregnancy were ones Dawson will never forget. Justin Hayden and Karina Del Real organized a surprised baby shower for Dawson in her classroom as LPHS. They conspired with her class and the other teachers around her. There were signs and cards that were filled out, a cake, and presents all from the kids.

“I’ll never forget the kindness and understanding that my students and co-workers showed me during my mood swings and forgetfulness. I appreciate all of you so much for that! Also, some of my students would ask me how I was doing/feeling and about the baby. I didn’t expect teens to care that much about us and it warmed my heart,” Dawson, said

Life has undoubtedly changed for Dawson and her family, but knowing how big of a heart she has, there is little doubt that she has enough love to go around.

“Being a mom is great! My heart is so full,” Dawson, said.


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