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How the team dribbled into season

It’s that time of year when girls basketball come back into play. The Varsity girls have so far had 12 wins, two losses, and one tie. The girls varsity team has started off strong and hope to keep winning as much as the can.

Only three games until sectionals which has the girls team working as hard as possible. The girls practice almost everyday to work on shooting, and trying to get around the other team. Even on bad days the girls are working their hardest so not to ruin their record.

“We really have to work our hardest this year. If we don’t most of our team will leave going out with a loss. Our team as a lot of senior girls so we really want them, and us, to leave on a high note.” Jacqueline Leal, Guard, said.

One of the biggest influences on the girls performance this season is Coach Walker. He pushes the girls harder than ever before, making sure that they become their best. If someone is having a bad day and isn’t working their hardest he talks to them and pushes them to get into a better attitude.

“Coach Walker is great. He really pushes us to do our best, and he makes sure we never miss a beat. We are lucky to have such a great coach.” Summer Lowe, forward/center, said.

Today the girls go up against a big target, Michigan City. With high hopes of winning the girls have been working diligently. However, the nerves are on for the girls team. With this being such a big game the girls want to go home with a win in their hands. La Porte vs Michigan City are always big, anticipated games, and draw plenty of attention.

This season the girls hope to reach and win the DAC competition, and bring home a win at sectionals. With such a successful season, and a great team, the girls have bright eyes for it though.

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