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The rockin’ teacher


Compassion and admiration for a subject distinguish a good teacher from a great one.  Mr. Turner, the 2-D art teacher at LPHS for over 14 years, is one the best examples of this greatness.

“My wanting to teach art started with liking art as early as I can remember. I also enjoy the idea of being able to share the art experience with others,” Turner said.

Turner has always loved and appreciated art in all forms from a young age. As he grew up, he realized that he wanted to grow a love for art in others. He knew that teaching was his best choice for doing so. LPHS offered him the job for teaching 2-D art, and Turner jumped at it.

“Painting is my passion, so when I was given the chance to focus on 2-D art, I worked with it,” Turner said.

Turner is the main 2-D art teacher at LPHS. He teaches classes like 2-D art, painting, drawing, and advanced 2-D art. He is the main influence on students that want to develop a career in painting or drawing. He is an influence to many young artists around LPHS.

“Mr. Turner is a great teacher. He works with all of his students, and you can tell that he really enjoys doing his job,” Cael Schwark, sophomore, said.

Other than art, Turner also has a deep love for music.

“My band is a three-piece band called the Saucy Birds. We are an original band, and I have described us as a punk band trying to play classic rock. Others would classify us as an Indie of alternative rock band,” Turner said.

His love for music has lent him a hand in musical success.

“Mr. Turner’s band is amazing. I have never seen another teacher like him that devotes themselves to something outside of school like him. He works so hard with his band and makes everyone of his concert’s great,” Mrs. Lebo 3-D art teacher, said.

LPHS could not wish for a better 2-D art teacher. Turner’s passion for art, and teaching is what makes LPHS such a great school. Turner is a true LPHS gem.

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