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Technical Communications

Seniors at LPHS are offered a unique class that breaks the mold of the traditional English learning experience.

Technical Communications is a senior based class. Students have the opportunity to explore a career interest through the completion of the Senior Technical Writing Project.

In this project-based learning experience, students have the opportunity to work with a mentor in the career field they choose. Having a mentor will prepare the student for greater knowledge and success.

Mr. Presley, Technical Communications teacher, requires all students to work and spend time with their mentor for a minimum of five hours. The student will be job shadowing and learning about their career interest.

“I feel like having a mentorship is important because you are able to work with someone who works in the field you want to go into, and you have an idea of what the job will be like,’’ Kate Bye, senior, said.

Before the student goes into the mentorship, it is required to do an interview with a teacher, display one’s resume, and explain one’s goals. A student is then graded on his or her work through the first weeks of class and then will begin more advance projects.

“My interview with the teacher went better than expected, and I was really nervous. We talked about the job I wanted to do, and we talked about the job I have now and how it relates to the job I want to do when I am older,” Bye, said.

As an alternative final, Presley has each student prepare a final presentation in which students will share the work they have completed throughout the trimester. Students are required to dress up as they are not only presenting to Presley, but also to various community leaders.

“The final presentation is going to be extremely helpful for every student because we are going to be getting feedback from people who are in the career field that we want to be in,” Karyme Vaca, senior, said.

If a student is unsure of what career they want to pursue when they are older, it is advised for them to take Technical Communications.


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