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Buzzing into school

Every Tuesday from December to February, Mrs. White and Mrs. Kuta lead the LPHS Quiz Bowl team to compete against local school in various topics ranging from Fine Arts to Literature.

A normal meet consists of four different rounds. The first round is called “Toss-Ups” and consists of random questions covering any topic. Anyone is able to buzz in the first round. The second round is called “Bonus Round.” In this round, anyone can buzz in and whichever team gets the answer right will get two bonus questions. The third round is called “Topics Round,” and in this round only the team captain can answer and chose questions from a group of topics. The fourth round is the same as the first.

LPHS has had a decent season with JV having a record of five losses four wins. Varsity currently has a record of five wins and four losses. Students have no way to practice for the competitions, so they must use their brain and quick thinking to do well. While this sounds easy enough, it’s all about who can answer first. If a member of the opposite team buzzes in first, it is their question and has the chance to get the points. If they answer wrong though, it is the other team’s chance to guess.

“Since we aren’t able to study, we have to go based off everything we know and it and be difficult because sometimes you won’t know the answer you just have to guess,” Mia Osborn, JV member, said.

The LPHS teams have been doing their best this season and are ending with decent scores. LPHS normally starts off leading in the meet, but sometimes the other team will always come out of nowhere and snatch the lead.

“We usually do pretty well, but sometimes there would be someone on the other team who is really smart,” Kristen Luce, Varsity member, said.

Next year both Varsity and JV are hoping to have much bigger and more experienced teams. Quiz Bowl is a great chance for Slicers to show off their intelligence.

“I feel like others should do Quiz Bowl if they’re seeking something to do after school. It’s a fun club, and I really enjoy being in it,” Jillian Bell, J.V. member, said.

If students would like to join Quiz Bowl next year, talk to Mrs. White in room 1.25.


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