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Making the grade: Science Olympiad

Every year the Science Olympiad competition makes its way into schools all around the country.

Science Olympiad is program that allows students who love science to come together to show of their skills in the content area.

“Science Olympiad is an academic competition that covers a wide variety of topics related to science. The competition is usually an all day event, and if we score high enough, we go to State,” Jillian Bell, sophomore, said.

Covering all kinds of subjects that middle schoolers, and high schoolers alike, Science Olympiad is a medley of different science’s. Events take place all day and there aren’t just events you study for; there are also events you can build. Even though it is a science competition they have topics like helicopters, towers, and hovercrafts.

“Some topics we cover are things like anatomy, forensics, optics, ecology, and many other topics. With so many topics everybody gets a chance to compete in an event that they like,” Kaelyn Oman, senior, said.

The competitions are usually an all day affair. Students’ minds are tested for hours.  

“The competitions are normally long, but tons of fun. When we aren’t testing or competing we can do whatever we want (as long as it’s school appropriate). There is usually a buffet so we can eat, and there are place to play ping-pong, pool, and other games,” Bell, said.

Students partake in the Science Olympiad competition to have fun and do something they love. It gives everybody a chance to compete and place in event, taking home a medal not only for themselves, but their school.

“As soon as I found out about Science Olympiad I wanted to join. This is my first year actually doing it and I am really proud of what I did. I placed in two different events! I’m glad Mr. Messacar talked to me about Science Olympiad,” Kristen Luce, junior, said.

If anyone would like to join Science Olympiad next year talk to Mr. Messacar in room D.11.

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