Community service opportunities

Community service opportunities


 With the LaPorte High School Work Ethic program coming to an end, students may find themselves in need of completing community service hours in order to receive their certificate of completion. While there are endless opportunities to volunteer services, many students struggle to find a volunteer opportunity that suits them best.

    “Community service is important to every community because service is love. Serving others is a great way to show love, care and compassion. It’s important in LaPorte because we’re a small town, and in smaller towns service and other acts of compassion can make an even greater impact,” Joe Ruiz, LPHS teacher, said.

    LaPorte High School encourages students and community members to help change the world, even in what could seem to be the smallest ways. Whether students are looking to earn hours for a Work Ethic program, hoping to meet new people, or just wanting to volunteer out of the kindness of their heart, below is a list of a few ways which Slicers can give their time to helping the community.

  • Visit a local retirement home and/or assisted living center. Many retirement homes allow volunteers to clean up dinners, call out BINGO numbers, play games, complete arts and crafts activities, and even just talk to the residents. A couple of retirement homes/ assisted living centers in LaPorte are Oak Woods Manor and Brentwood.
  • The Pax Center of LaPorte is often looking for volunteers to assist those in need. The Pax Center offers groceries and meals to those who are unable to afford them on their own. For more information on the Pac Center, visit
  • Ask an active church member about how you can help through your church. Many churches offer opportunities to help communities on larger scales, such as mission trips. Even if you are not a member of a church, many still provide community service to those who are interested.
  • Ask local businesses about how you can assist them in their store/restaurant. Many businesses look for help with cleaning, decorating, advertising, and greeting customers.
  • Contact a Habitat for Humanity charity group to find out what projects they are completing next. While some tasks are bigger than others, all are able to make a difference and bring a smile to people’s faces.
  • Look into what activities are going on at the local library. With multiple library locations in LaPorte County, activities go on year-round and can often use help. Some common activities are arts and crafts, reading to young children, and online activities with children in grades K-5.
  • Visit an animal shelter. Interact with the homeless animals and spend time playing with soft, furry friends while bringing comfort and love to those that do not receive it daily.

    No matter which way a student decides to give his or her time to the community, they can help change the world for the better. A huge difference can be made with even the smallest action.

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