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Making math different

Making math different

Normally students see math as boring and tedious, but Mr. Korell finds a way to turn the mundane into the magical.

Korell has been teaching for 11 years at LPHS. Korell originally worked in construction and building but found his passion for math through his old job.

“I’ve always liked math and the process of problem solving. I also used math all the time at my previous job designing heating, cooling, and ventilation systems for commercial and industrial buildings,” Korell, said.

Math can be a class that causes a great deal of self-doubt, but Korell works hard to build relationships so that his students are not afraid to ask questions and take risks.

“When I am teaching I want to have fun with it while we get things done. I try to have a good rapport with the kids so they know they can ask questions without feeling embarrassed and break things down so they can better understand the concepts I’m trying to teach. If that doesn’t work and they don’t pay attention, I always have my red ball I can throw at them.” Korell, said.

Korell coaches football for Kesling, sponsors Ping Pong club, helps out with the Lacrosse team, volunteers his own time to help with boys and girls’ track, and brings joy to the halls of LPHS.

“Mr. Korell brings energy and enthusiasm to the math department and the classroom. He loves his job and LPHS is glad to have him,” Coach James said.

Korell is much more than the teacher in room 1.10. Many may not know that he was a part of the 1987 State and National Championship Baseball team for LPHS. More than that though, Mr. Korell’s favorite roles are as Dad and husband.

“When I was younger, I was fortunate enough to earn some individual and team awards, one of which was playing on the 1987 State and National Championship Baseball team. Not to sound too cheesy, but nowadays I’m very blessed and proud of my family.” Korell said.

Korell is an irreplaceable part of the Slicer family.

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