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All you need to know about being an assistant

All you need to know about being an assistant

Whether it is to fill the space of a study hall or to gain the office experience, being an assistant is something that few students get to take on. Available once a school year, a student may have the option to be a helper for either the counselors, the nurse, teachers, or the attendance and main office staff.

Each position has their own unique tasks. Office runners are more likely to make copies, print, and run passes, while nurse assistants usually help during emergencies and file paperwork.

“I liked helping out with various things other than printing and running passes, such as helping set up office decorations. Occasionally, I helped move heavy things. It was different everyday,” Lucas Poehl, senior and former office assistant, said.

All of them require a certain level of attention and responsibility. A nurse assistant should not be slacking during an emergency, just as an attendance runner cannot be lazy while running immediate passes. Some even have the potential to meet and get to know new people.

“I like to be able to help out and learn new things everyday with each person who came in,” Savanna Hurt, junior and former nurse assistant, said.

Becoming an assistant can happen in one of two ways. Either one of the offices can contact a student to swap out their future study hall for assistant, or a student can request to be an assistant during scheduling in January/February. Only students who are trustworthy and in good standing will be considered for the positions.

Being an assistant can give students knowledge that they would not learn in class. It is a more hands on experience and would be beneficial to those who end up working in an office setting. If there are any further questions, students can ask the office that they would want to assist or speak to their counselor.

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