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Hallo, Frau DeFauw

Hallo, Frau DeFauw

Frau DeFauw, the LaPorte High School German teacher, has become one of the most memorable faces at LPHS. After eight years of teaching, and seven years being at LPHS, she has brought memories, laughs, and, of course, knowledge to all around her.

    DeFauw began her teaching career teaching English 9 and 12, Speech, and Short Stories for one year at a school near Shipshewana but brought her creative personality and her loving motherliness to LPHS just one short year later.

    “She makes me feel loved,” Olivia Hubble, German student, said.

    DeFauw has taught German for the seven years that she has been at LPHS. As referred to as “Frau,” which means “woman” in German, she has created bonds with students that cannot be broken.

    “My absolute favorite thing about teaching at LPHS is my students, without question. I have most of my students for anywhere from two to four years, and we really do become like a little family. My students know that I am there to support them both academically as well as in their personal struggles. I wouldn’t trade my LPHS students for any other students in the world!” DeFauw said.

    DeFauw is one of LPHS’s most beloved teachers. Learning to speak a new language can be difficult for any student, but DeFauw creates a learning environment that allows students to understand and learn the language in an easier way. She provides both knowledge and motivation to her students and is always encouraging them to keep trying.

   “I like to think that I have a very student-centered way of teaching. I try, as much as possible, to find out my students’ interests and use that when I can to help them learn. My classroom also has a very open and inviting atmosphere. It can be scary to speak in front of others, even more so in a new language, so I like to make my students feel comfortable and not be afraid to make mistakes,” DeFauw said.

    All teachers find themselves struggling at times, and DeFauw is no exception. With her dedication and love for teaching, though, she finds ways to overcome her struggles and move forward.

    “Language learning is hard and sometimes my students get frustrated or want to give up. It can be hard to motivate them. They see me and how well I can speak the language, and they want to be able to speak that well too, but getting there takes a lot of work. I struggle with finding ways to keep students from losing interest and losing motivation when things are tough,” DeFauw said.

    No matter what obstacles she must face, DeFauw can find a way to get past them. No matter how difficult or confusing the learning can be for her students, there is one thing they all can agree on: DeFauw leaves a lasting imprint on all of their lives and hearts.




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