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March for Our Lives

March for Our Lives

Over 800 cities participated in the March for Our Lives event on March 24th. Students, teachers, and parents from all over the nation marched across their city to raise awareness against gun violence, advocate for some kind of gun regulation, and appeal for school safety.

The main event took place in Washington D.C. and was organized by victims of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas school shooting. Survivors Emma Gonzalez, David Hogg, Jaclyn Corin, Samantha Fuentes, Adam Buchwald, and Alex Wind. Martin Luther King’s granddaughter also made an appearance to show her support for the movement.

“I think it’s important to draw more attention to the problems we’re protesting,” Delaney Bluhm, junior who marched in Chicago, said.

In Chicago alone, at least 70,000 people marched. They chanted, they held up their politically charged signs, and came together to show their support for the victims of gun violence. More local marches were held in South Bend and Valparaiso.

According to The Hill, the turnout for the march surpasses the Women’s March last year, and may have been the largest one since the Million Man March in 1995, which protested for civil rights.

“I felt very inspired by the rally, the people, and the signs. Seeing people from all ages coming together was phenomenal. It made me feel like I had a voice I didn’t have and was encouraging with words I can’t explain,” Makayla Blinco, senior, said.

March for Our Lives broke records while also showing what it is like when so many people across the country come together. Change might just be on the horizon, and it will all be because of movements like this and the people who made it happen.

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