Beth Feral Makeup


Beth Feral Makeup, familiar to many in the town of La Porte, is the business name that freelance makeup artist Elizabeth Lloyd goes by.

Located in La Porte, Lloyd offers her clients an assortment of services ranging from full face makeup for weddings, parties, work events, and prom to even makeup lessons that can be done in person or virtually through Facetime or Skype.

Ever since she was young, Lloyd has had an interest in makeup, but she never actually imagined making a business out of it until the last couple of years.

“When I was about 11 or 12 years old, I used to make my mom buy me those play makeup kits. I realized when I got older that I didn’t know as much as I thought I did, so I would watch YouTube videos for two to three hours every night and apply the skills I learned to my own makeup. Once I got pretty good, my friend actually gave me the idea of doing freelance makeup on the side,” Lloyd said.

It takes Lloyd about an hour to an hour and a half to do makeup on each client, but the time depends on the kind of look she’s trying to achieve. When she sets up an appointment with a client, she always requires a deposit beforehand just to make sure their time, nor hers is wasted. If her client is a future bride, there is a trial makeup session before the actual wedding date. This is to ensure that the client likes her makeup and doesn’t want to change any details, and also alleviates the rush that would have occurred if the makeup was only done on the wedding date.

“When I’m doing makeup for prom and other dances, I try to schedule people back to back because I want to do as many girls as possible so I can really get an opportunity to get their face done because I know having makeup done for pictures is super important. I try my best to make sure the girls feel beautiful for that day,” Lloyd said.

A person can reach Lloyd to book an appointment through her Facebook page: Beth Feral Makeup.

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