Owens goes viral


Mrs. Owens, the LaPorte High School Physics and AP Physics teacher, has recently gone viral on Twitter.

What started as a message about the difficulty of being the only Physics teacher in LaPorte and how challenging it can be to figure things out, and highlighting the help from an unlikely friend, she has now reached over 11.6 thousand likes and 2.4 thousand “retweets.”

After posting about a struggle with her AP Physics planning, a generous man named John, who is involved with Harvard University, reached out to Owens to offer his advice and assistance.

“He was not a person that I followed, and he did not follow me. An account we have in common liked my Tweet, and it showed up on his timeline,” Owens said.

After conversing with John through direct tweets, Owens “quoted” one of his tweets with the message “Why do I use Twitter? I’m the only Physics teacher in my small town school and often need help figuring things out. Today, this amazing engineer from Harvard stepped in to help out! How awesome is that?!?!” The tweet instantly began to receive attention from Twitter users from all around the world.

“Normally, I interact with other Physics teachers and educators; however, the tweet was getting attention from people outside of that circle. I think people liked the positive message, a stranger lending a helping hand,” Owens said.

Owens has always used Twitter to communicate with other science teachers from all around, but her recently-gained popularity on Twitter has introduced her to an opportunity that was never expected.

“I use Twitter often to get ideas for my classroom, ask other Physics teachers how they are approaching topics, share my ideas for others to use, and have found such a great support system in the educators I interact with there. John contacted me later and asked me to help him with a Physics tutorial site he is making for high school and college students to use,” Owens said.

Owens has proven that the Internet is not just a hateful place; it is a place used to find positivity, make friends, and create opportunities.

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