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A ‘bowl’ like no other

The time has come for Academic Super Bowl to start up again, and the teams are excited for their upcoming season.

Academic Super Bowl is an academic competition that consists of six different categories, each of which have a different team. The categories are math, english, history, fine arts, science, and interdisciplinary; this category consists of each captain from each category as a team. Each meet consists of the teams taking tests, trying to get the best score out of a certain number of teams. Once the tests are done and graded, teams are given awards. This year the main focus of studies is WWI.
The LPHS Academic Super Bowl teams have already had two practice meets and are looking forward to their first upcoming meet in April. The first practice meet was at Purdue North Central and the teams placed in two events: history (2nd), and science (2nd). The second meet was at Valpo High School and the teams placed in one event: history (3rd).

“I’m very proud of how hard we are working and how we did at our first practice meets. While we could probably do better in some events, we usually do great, and we have the proof to show for it,” Genevieve McClure, senior, said.

This year, the captains of each team are working with, and helping out their teams as much as they can to bring home 1st place. The captains of each team are Katie Parsons (math), Keeley Higley (English), Jaden Millard (fine arts), Genevieve McClure (history), and Caesar Leon (science). The captains of each team work with their team to answer the test, and they also make up the interdisciplinary team.

The first real meet is on April 17th, and the teams are prepared for anything. Having nearly a month to study, the teams are getting some last minute practice in before they head to their meet. The teams and coaches are hoping for everyone to come back with a ribbon and a place at the next meet.

“My team meets every Monday after school usually, and we have been working very hard on cramming everything into our brains. I think that we place can 1st in history because we have some very intelligent kids on our team, and I have full faith in them,” Mrs. White, history captain, said.

If students would like to join Academic Super Bowl next year all they need to do is talk to Mrs. Niksch in room 1.40 and attend the first callout meeting.

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