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LPHS hosts Learn Today to Excel Tomorrow Banquet

LPHS hosts Learn Today to Excel Tomorrow Banquet

Celebrating the academic dedication of Slicers ranked in the top 10 percent and those who were named Outstanding Students were invited to the Learn Today to Excel Tomorrow Banquet on Thursday, April 12th at the Silver Palace, to honor them and their achievements along the way.  

Students who went to the banquet brought a teacher/mentor with them who has impacted their life the most throughout their school years. After the dinner, each student gave a speech about the impact their chosen teacher/mentor made on them.

“Having Mr. Hise next to me made the night amazing. He provided some great conversation and company,” Autumn Woodard, senior attendee, said.

The night was one to remember for all students and teachers who attended the dinner.

“It’s very gratifying [to be honored]. It makes it seem like you make a difference, but I realize that there are lots of good teachers who do not go simply because they do not have that caliber of student all the time. I have just been lucky enough to have that caliber around me for quite some time,” Mrs. Cooper, English teacher and honored educator, said.

Teachers at LPHS recommended students who they believed were a representation of their class. During the month of March students at LPHS, each voted for a boy and girl in their class who best represents their class and LPHS as a whole. The chosen two people from each grade were also invited to the banquet and honored.

Although it takes a strong mindset and dedication to accomplish the goal of being in the top 10 percent, students should still take time to enjoy high school.

“For students aiming for the top 10 percent, my only advice is to make sure that they enjoy life. It is easy to get caught up in school work and become stressed out, but high school is only four years, and they should enjoy every moment of it.” Katerina Shuble, valedictorian of the Class of ‘18, said.

As the Class of ‘18 will soon reach graduation, many talented students will go on to do great things and become even better people. While the top 10 percent of seniors are still here, LPHS thanks them for all their hard work, as they are a group of our future generation of leaders.

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