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Phenomenal Pfeifer

Phenomenal Pfeifer


A teacher’s impact is often far reaching and never ending. For many students, when it comes to teachers who have impacted them, Mrs. Pfeifer, teacher at Boston Middle School, is a name that pops into many heads.

Some people go their whole childhood trying to figure out what they want to do with their life once college comes, but Pfeifer discovered the path she wanted to take at an early age.

“I remember I used to pretend I was a teacher as far back as five years old. I think I naturally wanted to lead and teach others from a very young age,” Pfeifer said.

Pfeifer attended Penn High School. During high school, she played tennis and continued on to play in college at Purdue University and received a bachelor’s degree in secondary education.

After graduating from college, she starting teaching at Boston Middle School and has taught there for the past 10 years. At BMS she has taught both 7th and 8th grade language arts and is currently teaching 8th grade students.

Although teachers are the ones who teach, Pfeifer is always learning and being impacted by her students.

“Being involved with teens makes me really care about what is happening to our teens in society and challenges me to think of ways to help improve their lives here at school. Also, I think I have learned the importance of showing kindness and the impact that can make on others,” Pfeifer said.

7th and 8th grade are the years to start transitioning into what high school will be like. Pfeifer teaches so students are prepared to tackle that life change with the many extensive projects and essays she assigns.

“I liked that she [Pfeifer] always kept us busy. Right after one project, we’d start another. And she was a tough grader. The pressure of knowing that she expected so much from me and pushed me to do my best, but she was never so scary that I couldn’t talk to her when I needed to. She truly believed in me,” Fai McAlister, sophomore and former student of Pfeifer, said.

A teacher is a person who teaches the subject they are taught to teach, but the best teachers are the ones that teach students academically and emotionally. Pfeier is a teacher who leaves her mark on every student she teaches.

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