End of an era: Alexander says goodbye


All good things must come to an end. Mrs. Alexander, Kingsford Heights Elementary School principal, is planning to retire after the 2017-18 school year.

After 40 years of working in education, Alexander has decided to leave her office behind in exchange for a whole new beginning.

Alexander has not always been the Kingsford Heights Elementary School principal. The majority of her career in education was spent teaching elementary-aged children.

“My career began at Lincoln Elementary School in LaPorte. I taught 1st grade for 21 years and 3rd grade for five years. I have been the principal at Kingsford Heights Elementary School for 14 years. I also taught remediation and enrichment for grades 1-8 during the summer for several years,” Alexander said.

With her instant love for school, Alexander knew from the beginning that she was meant to be an educator.

“I remember telling my kindergarten teacher that I wanted to be a teacher. I fell in love with teaching elementary-aged children when I did my cadet teaching in 1st grade while I was in high school. I always enjoyed school, and I hoped to share a love of learning with children,” Alexander said.

Alexander’s love for education has only grown over the years. Through the 40 years she has been teaching, she has met new people, created friendships, and formed unbreakable bonds that will last a lifetime.

“Mrs. Alexander has always been someone I could go to and receive an objective opinion about a situation. She is easy to talk to, honest and kind. I have appreciated and will miss knowing she is there as my cheerleader!” Mrs. Biggs, Crichfield principal, said.

Whether it be through teaching, motivating, or creating a better environment as a principal, she has left her mark on all students, parents, and staff.

“She has been a positive role model for her students and staff. She has been an effective leader for her students and staff. She has brought a calming influence to her building. Kingsford Heights is a unique building in that it is the elementary building for the entire town. During her tenure at principal, she has become a respected member of the community,” Steve Mannering, assistant superintendent, said.

With several years of experience, Alexander is confident in her advice to future educators:

“There is a lot more pressure on teachers now compared to when I began in 1978. There is more testing and data gathering for accountability and every year brings changes in how teachers teach. Be aware of this, but never forget the joy and enthusiasm you can bring to the classroom each day. You can give students encouragement, recognition, and knowledge. You have the ability to make a difference in each of their lives,” Alexander said.

While Alexander finds both positive and negative sides to her retirement, she is already planning for her free time.

“My list keeps growing longer! I love to read, go to lunch with friends, and spend lots of time outdoors walking, kayaking, and exploring new places. I want to enjoy more time with my six, soon to be seven grandchildren. I’d like to take more frequent motorcycle trips with my husband and friends and travel around our beautiful country. I want to continue to be a lifelong learner,” Alexander said.

Alexander has enjoyed 40 years of working in education, and she has been grateful for every moment. Between all of the lessons she has learned, the friendships she has made, and the laughs she has shared, she is thankful for all who have shared this time with her.

“From the bottom of my heart…Thank you. Thank you for allowing me to share in your lives. Thank you for bringing me happiness beyond words and for touching my heart in so many ways,” Alexander said.

LPCSC would like to wish Mrs. Alexander a happy retirement and would like to thank her for all she has done for the corporation. While it is sad to see her go, there is no question that she has made a lasting impact on all.

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