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Just Another High School Play

Just Another High School Play

The LPHS Theater program debuted their spring play performance of “Just Another High School Play” in the Boston Middle School Auditorium on April 13-15.

The play is about a group of theater students who have to create their own makeshift play because their play director leaves due to them not attending their rehearsals.

“I am a big fan of comedy, and I enjoy parodies. This was the best of both of those worlds. Also, with the amount of back and forth that we had to do between Boston and LPHS, it was beneficial to us that this play did not have a set. We would have had to build a full set in two days had we done another show,” Miss Baugh, play director and English teacher, said.

Jennika Schoff played the Stage Manager and Cedric McCoy played the Assistant Director. Ian Murphy, Zach Eason, Emerson Easton, Alaura Shuble, Sarah Smith, Tori Satchwell, Stephanie Komasinski, Prestin Butcher, Kamui Mitchell, Kristen Luce, Kristen Cole, and Kristyn Principe played multiple parts in various scenes.

“The students did an amazing job, not only onstage but backstage as well. They really blended together well as a group and got very close with each other. They took those excellent relationships and allowed them to show onstage. They completely trusted one another to make every scene the best that it could be. The audience could definitely see that,” Baugh said.

Altogether, the students put on a jaw-dropping performance. Baugh would personally like to thank all of the English teachers who gave out extra credit for those who attended the play, since it brought a decent sized crowd each time.

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