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Outstanding Students

Outstanding Students

Every year LPHS honors a group of students who were voted Outstanding Student by staff and their fellow classmates. Teachers nominate students from every grade, but the student body determines which two students from each grade will receive the honor. This year the students and teachers of LPHS chose a marvelous group of students who work hard, play hard, and represent LPHS well.

The outstanding students for the 2017-2018 school year are Ryan Ott and Marcus Gray, freshmen; Alexis Ochoa and Drew Kubaszyk, sophomore; Rachel Gerick and Zach Eason, junior; Katerina Shuble and Jake Thode, senior.

Ryin Ott-

“I am on the girls’ basketball team, and I was very honored when I won. I always try my best so I am glad it payed off,”



Marcus Gray-

“I play football, basketball, and varsity track. When I saw that I won the Outstanding Student award I was not only honored but surprised. I try my best in school, but I have a few mess ups like everyone, so being called an outstanding students has pushed me to live up to the name,”



Alexis Ochoa-

“I am on the girls’ tennis team, and I felt a surge of emotions through my body when I won. It was a good reminder of all the work I put into school payed off, and this is only pushing me to keep up this hard work and set more goals for myself,”



Drew Kubaszyk

“I am on the school track and football teams. Other than that I do not really do much other than hangout with my friends and keep up my funny, and energetic vibe. When I was told that I was an outstanding student I was very honored. Even though I may not do much academic stuff, I try to participate as much as I can in the classroom and on the field.”



Rachel Gerick-

“I am involved in cross country, and I am in NHS. I was grateful when I was given the honor, and I felt happy I was being recognized for the work I have done.”




Zach Eason-

“I partake in Quiz Bowl, the editor for the Creative Writing class, I do most of the plays, and I play in the school’s marching band. I felt cool when I won. I’m known for being kind of nerdy, so it was sweet to know that many people voted for me.”



Kat Shuble-

“I am on the cross country team, girls track, the cheerleading team, the LPHS Student Council, Girls Reserves, and the Principal’s Student Advisory Board. When they announced me as an outstanding student I felt so humbled and honored, but most importantly I was proud of all of the hard work I have done to not only get this honor, but the position of Valedictorian.”


Jake Thode-

“I am on the football team, track, FCA, and NHS. I was surprised and honored when I won. The valedictorian won on the girls side, so I didn’t picture myself winning the guy’s side.”



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