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Tri Kappa Art show

Tri Kappa Art show

The annual Tri Kappa Art Show was hosted at LPHS on may 4th. Many LPCSC art teachers encouraged their students to enter their art the show off the talent that LPCSC students have.

The Tri Kappa Art Show consists of all different medias, and forms of art. It accepts any piece of 2D or 3D art, including abstract or realistic. The shows consists of high school art, middle school art, and elementary art.

“A student can enter any form of art. If we only accept certain pieces the art show would be bland and no longer fun,” Mrs. Lebo, art teacher, said.

Individual pieces are judged by four different volunteers who have some sort of artistic background. They look at composition, media, detail, and the story it tells. Two of this year’s judges were former Slicers Kate Luce and Kerrigan Sales. The two were offered the job by Lebo and were ecstatic to give it a try, knowing what it is like to be in the judge of others art.

The different medias the art teachers allowed were acrylic and oil painting, black and white drawings, color/pastel drawings, watercolor, other 2D, ceramics functional, ceramics non functional, sculpture, photography, and other 3D. There is also an award gifted to the best piece in show, which was won by senior Jack Boardman this year. Three ribbons are gifted to every category for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and a fourth is given for honorable mention.

“I put in three different pieces, two abstract, and miscellaneous 3D pieces, and one 2D. I got 1st on one of my 3D pieces, which also won Best in Show, and 1st on my 2D watercolor piece,” Boardman, said.

This show is a great opportunity for students of all ages to show the talent they have that might not usually be seen. This can give students exposure they might need to enter their art into a bigger art show, like the annual LOK Young Artists’ Expo at the Lubeznik Center. It is also an opportunity for younger kids to show off their accomplishments.  

The art show is not the only part of the experience that the students receive. They also get to develop their own art and see what they can do in and out of the classroom. This can help future artists to grow and develop their style into what they want it to become.

“I spent a lot of time on my portrait. In the end I am not even that happy with the result. I am really hyper critical of my work, but I am happy I entered my piece,” Anna Foglesong, senior, said.

If a student would like to enter a piece for the next Tri Kappa Art Show, he or she should talk to Mrs. Lebo in Art room 1.

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