New elementary school principals announced


The LaPorte Community School Corporation has announced the newest elementary school principals.

The announcing of the new Kingsford Heights Elementary and Lincoln Elementary principals occurred during the school board meeting on May 14th. Amy Kosior, LaPorte High School assistant principal, will step in for Marcia Alexander, Kingsford Heights principal.

Tearsa Schable, Kingsbury assistant principal, will take the place of Diane Szynal, as Lincoln principal.

Kosior has been in education for over 25 years and has experienced many different aspects of it. She has taught science for 19 years, P.E. for one year, and has been the assistant principal at LPHS for five years. She began teaching in Sarasota, Florida, after graduating from Purdue University.

After coming back to Indiana, she began teaching in Mishawaka, then Boston Middle School, and eventually made her way to LPHS.

While she has enjoyed all of her time teaching and being an assistant principal, she is beyond excited to begin her career as a principal.

“My goal has always been to become a principal, and when the opportunity at Kingsford Heights came up due to a retirement, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. The staff and students at Kingsford Heights are awesome, and I am looking forward to working with along side of them next school year,” Kosior said.

Taking the place of Alexander, Kosior plans to continue to provide a welcoming and outgoing atmosphere at Kingsford Heights, with high expectations for not just learning, but also for maintaining a safe and respectful environment for everybody.

“Kingsford Heights is a smaller, close knit school, and I want to continue that feeling of togetherness. Kingsford Heights has been a high achieving school for many years, and the staff and students are very proud of that. I hope to provide as much support as I can to continue this tradition,” Kosior said.

Joining Kosior in becoming a new principal, Schable is ecstatic about her new position. After teaching at many schools over the past 20 years, she is thrilled for her new adventure.

“I started teaching over 20 years ago. I started my career at Westville Elementary. After two years there I got a job in LaPorte, and I have taught kindergarten, first, third, and sixth grades. I also taught Physical Education. I have taught at several buildings including:  Kingsbury, Indian Trail, Riley, Crichfield, Kingsford Heights, and now Lincoln!” Schable said.

Because she has taught students of several ages, Schable is excited to begin a job where she can connect with students of many ages all at the same time. Rather than just teaching the students in her classroom, she looks forward to interacting with 250 students altogether. She will work hard to create bonds with those at Lincoln, and hopes to provide an excellent learning environment for students and their families.

“My hope is to provide a safe place for students and staff to learn. I want parents, students, and teachers to trust me to work hard to make decisions that are based on what is best for kids. I hope to encourage everyone who I work with to do their personal best,” Schable said.

Filling the position of a long-loved principal can be strange, but Schable has goals for extending the work and impact of Szynal.

“I walked through the halls today and noticed amazing bulletin boards that that students and teachers created celebrating Mrs. Szynal. My goal is to continue the work that Mrs. Szynal has accomplished and continue to encourage the growth of the staff and students,” Schable said.

With her goals set and her plans made, Schable is finding that she is already enjoying her experience with the Lincoln family.

“Change is always a little scary, but I am thrilled to get to better know the staff and students at Lincoln! The Lincoln staff has been very welcoming and has made me feel at home. I am looking forward to this opportunity,” Schable said

With two new principals coming to LaPorte’s elementary schools, LPCSC is sure to shine. With excitement and great anticipation, the corporation is prepared to see great things from both Kosior and Schable.

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