One last walkthrough


Many LPHS seniors had the chance to walk through the halls of their former elementary schools during the graduation walk throughs.

During the last few weeks of May, and school, several elementary schools in the corporation welcomed the seniors back and gave them a chance to meander the halls one last time.

The walk throughs were organized mainly by social studies teacher, Mr. Mrozinski, who is one of the senior class sponsors. He led these events by emailing with different elementary school representatives to see if they wanted to do it, and what day they would be able to.

The elementary schools that participated in the graduation walk throughs were Handley, Crichfield, Kingsford Heights, Riley, and Indian Trail. Most seniors wore their cap and gown, and the elementary students stood outside of their classrooms, cheering them on, often holding onto pictures of the seniors when they were in elementary school.

“I thought it was really cool. We got to reconnect with kids you’ve known your whole life but may not talk to anymore. At Indian Trail, we played in the gym with the little kids,and it’s crazy to think that used to be us,” Sarah McMillan, LPHS senior, said.

After walking through the hallways, many of the schools offered a chance to sit with the fifth graders and talk to them about future plans, reminisce about their past, and offer middle school and high school advice.

“This has just been so exciting. Some of them look the same, and some of them look so different. It’s been great. This absolutely affected the 5th graders. I think it makes an impression on them that ‘Hey, I can do this in seven years,’” Mrs. Alexander, Kingsford Heights principal, said.

Last year, only Handley held a walk through. Future plans for next year’s walk throughs are in the making.

“Each year we try to make it a little bit better. Next year, I would like to see if we could find a way to get all schools on board. My goal is to hold them all on one particular day, but there are a lot of challenges,” Mrozinski said.

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