Dollars for dogs


Kabelin Ace Hardware (West) has recently helped local charities and groups to raise hundreds of dollars for their personal causes through a unique way of fundraising.

Groups of all sorts, such as LPHS foreign language students, local 4-H groups, and even people raising money for cancer research, have found Kabelin’s new fundraising technique to be very useful.

The technique, referred to as “Dollars for Dogs,” is a way of supporting those all around the LaPorte community. Kabelin’s supplies the participating groups with hot dogs, buns, condiments, and even a grill to cook on. Some groups also bring chips, drinks, and other treats to sell as well. Depending on the weekend, some groups sell items for $1, while others only ask for donations.

“Dollars for Dogs was a super fundraiser for us because we were able to keep all of the profit and the community support was great,” Maddie Fleshman, LPHS senior, said.

Being a fundraiser that can help groups while providing lunch to those in the community, those in and around LaPorte have found Dollars for Dogs to be one of their normal Saturday stops.

Seeing the community support was amazing, and we are super grateful for Kabelin’s!” Fleshman said.

With groups participating on most Saturdays, those in the community are encouraged to stop by to pick up lunch and support a variety of local organizations.

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