Slicer Sportsmanship


Student athletes at LaPorte High School work hard to prove that the end score is not always the most important factor of competition; through their positive mindset and powerful sportsmanship, LPHS athletes have found friendships, confidence, and success. It is not always about the wins and losses in life or on the field.

Sportsmanship is not something learned in a classroom; it is a characteristic acquired through being a part of a team. LaPorte High School has outstanding spirit when it comes to school sports, and it is shown not only in athletes but the entire school. Sportsmanship is really what brings a team together and makes for a better game. It is also a reflection of any school and how other schools view LPHS. The La Porte Administration has high expectations of Slicer students and athletes. Administrators are very good at making sure our student sections, athletes, and all sport functions are under control. They are expected to be respectful and behave appropriately while representing LPHS.

Being in a school sports opens doors to new friendships. Moreover, sportsmanship pushes one to get out of his or her comfort zone and be more open minded.

“I feel like I’ve created different friend groups and made friends through doing what I enjoy,” Izack Tibbs, senior tennis player, said.   

Being in a sport allows people to set goals for themselves and shapes them into a better person.

“I want to get better and improve. Sportsmanship teaches me good social skills,” Rachel Bellah, JV cheer captain, said.

Motivation comes into play in sports at practice and even during the games. With a drive to improve and having a positive mindset, the possibilities are endless. Motivation, teamwork and helping others out only making the team better.

“When the team gets along, it makes it more enjoyable and an all-around better experience,” Javier Robles, football and soccer player, said.

“A good competitive atmosphere makes for a better game. Playing your hardest while keeping it clean,” Kaleb Cooper, soccer team captain, said.

Players are expected to behave in a certain manner that will reflect the team and La Porte High School.

“Our players are expected to represent themselves, their families, and their school with the utmost class and dignity,” Mr. Varda, tennis coach, said.

Athletes are representing the school, and the reputation they set for other schools is based on how they behave and present themselves.

“As soon as you put on your jersey you are automatically representing the team, not just yourself,” Izack Tibbs, tennis team member, said.

Values are important to keep in mind while playing sports. They give one purpose and keep their mind on track.

“The values that I step onto the court with are the same values that I step out the door with every morning. Confidence in myself as a player and person. Success as a mindset, and of course looking forward and not dwelling on the past,” Tibbs, said.

Overall, Sportsmanship is a key factor in La Porte High School athletics, and LPHS as a whole. It builds character and gets you more involved. Students have found that being in a sport helps you meet new people and form bonds. It also pushes an athlete to get better and gives them purpose. In conclusion, Sportsmanship brings a team together and represents LPHS in a positive manner.

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