Scheck hitting the right notes at Kesling


Carey Scheck has been creating beautiful music around La Porte County for over a decade, first as a pianist and now in her new role as the Kesling Middle School Choir Director.

Scheck has been teaching piano lessons in the community for about 10 years, and she still genuinely enjoys teaching them. She has taught lessons to students who have ranged from the ages of 3-75.

Scheck was ready for a new challenge though, and once the Kesling Choir Director spot opened up, she dove right in and decided to spread her love of music to the middle school choir. This was a good fit for Scheck because she had previously volunteered as a director of a choir, and there she caught the teaching bug.

¨We would finish singing a piece of music and just stare at one another in amazement thinking, ´I can’t believe that sound came out of this group!´¨ Scheck said.    

Scheck has enjoyed the transition from private lessons to her very own classroom. While she loves having her own classroom, the most important parts of the job are her students.

“I love the energy I get when I’m working with kids who are being brave and giving me their best,” Scheck said.

Scheck is not only incredible in the Kesling Choir room, but her light continues to shine through every aspect of her life. Outside of the classroom, Scheck enjoys walking her dog daily, following the news, and watching comedies and sports with her husband.

As a child, Scheck grew up in the St. Louis area. She attended high school at Lutheran High School South in St. Louis. Her love of music started early in life. While growing up, she was involved in choir, band, and Drama Club.

She eventually moved up north, and that led her to Valparaiso University where she received her Bachelor’s Degree. A few years later, she took a leap and decided to go back to school to receive her second degree in piano performance at Western Illinois University, which has led her to the impactful path she is on now.

After teaching lessons for over a decade to now finally being in her own classroom, Scheck is overjoyed for the possibilities to come as the new Kesling Choir Director. She has touched so many people with not only the beautiful music she makes and helps others make but because she is simply the best of the best. The community is fortunate to have Scheck sharing her passion with Kesling students.

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